Psychological Suspense/Thrillers


“Death’s Shadow”

How far would you go to bring your twin’s killer to justice?

No one notices when Brianna Denton goes missing every weekend. With no immediate family or close friends left, being alone is something with which she has become well-acquainted, but when her sister is murdered, she finds herself on a lone mission to identify the killer.

According to the authorities, ‘no body, no case.’ Brianna’s quest to find her sister’s murderer despite the police department’s refusal to help, draws her into a life of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution – the very elements that led her twin to the shadows and rat holes of the underbelly of North Beach.

Drawn into the dark underground society to face Tatianna’s killer, Brianna is about to come face-to-face with her own shocking destiny. As she unearths long-buried secrets, the tight edge of reality comes to light, challenging her tenuous grip on life as she knows it. Finding the answers she seeks could lead her to an even darker place.


Coming in 2020

“No Questions Allowed”

(cover reveal coming soon)

Due to a nasty divorce, Kayla Allen has lost nearly everything she held dear – her burgeoning IT business, her trophy car, her home, including the furniture, and now, she wonders if she’s also lost her sanity. Making matters worse, the second attempt on her life offers glaring proof that her abusive X-husband’s enemies have become her own.

Mere days from homelessness, she stumbles upon an advertisement offering a way out, one that could save her life and restore everything she’s lost, ten-fold. As far as Kayla is concerned, the very idea of mail-order-brides, even within the United States, has always seemed ridiculous and unthinkable, but her IT expertise coupled with extensive research of the professional, renowned service suggests that such an arrangement could be the answer to her dilemma.

Time is of the essence, and with no other options in sight, she embarks on a journey that leads her to a mysterious, reclusive, yet highly respected billionaire, Xavier Savage. The addendum to their marriage contract states that he will take care of her in the means to which she was accustomed before losing her business, protect her, and restore her financial stability. In return, she will help ‘normalize’ his life, and accept him without question, literally, but Kayla begins to suspect that Xavier has darker, more dangerous secrets than she can handle, and forbidden questions quickly multiply, sending her into a downward spiral of suspicion and obsession that threatens to destroy her last vestiges of hope. Worst of all, she’s falling in love with him.