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“Dark Opius” (Cursed Angel Watchtowers Collection)

One passionate decision can be hell for an archangel.

Gabriel’s mission from God was simple. At least that’s what he thought, until Helen Warner, his charge, loses her husband in the cataclysmic disaster perpetuated by Asmodeus, the ruthless demon of lust. Unable to stand by and watch while Helen plummets, losing her faith and her will to live, Gabriel defies the rules that have governed his entire existence and plunges to earth with no regard for the consequences.

Problem? Intervening without God’s permission sets him on a dangerous course rife with deadly distractions and pitfalls, and now, his immortal soul hangs in the balance. His life becomes even more complicated when he befriends Narsaé, a beautiful, powerful, yet untrained force in her own right.

Pitted against Asmodeus and his army of demons, unexpected human emotions—jealousy, doubt, even love—threaten his most basic beliefs. Gabriel must protect those he has come to love and unite the warring factions against their common enemy, Asmodeus, while controlling the foreign, often debilitating emotions that torment him.

Can Gabriel save their home, all the besieged residents, and Watchtower 11, sending Asmodeus and his army of demons to a fiery Hell? Failure means certain death for all.

But Gabriel must face an even more difficult challenge than war and death—will he risk Heaven, immortality, and his very soul for the love of Narsaé?


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“Calm Assurance” (Orlosian Warriors Bk. 1) – Amazon

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Two hearts, two different worlds, uncompromising love

A straight-laced Nephilim-descendant and a human trouble-magnet?

When Asriel – Orlosian Warrior, descendant of Nephilim, law enforcer – is sent to guard Malina, a human with a penchant for drawing trouble like a tornado, she becomes his obsession.

With no hope of finding love in his dimension, he breaks the cardinal rule, leaving his home to protect her, but she has also drawn the attention of his enemies, and he is forced to face demons from his past. If Asriel chooses to stay with Malina, not only does he risk forfeiting his right to ever return to his dimension, but he will need her blood to survive.

“Ashanti’s Becoming” (Work in progress)

Ashanti’s Becoming (Lifegivers series Prequel)


A curse has held the village of Dagon in thrall for nearly twenty years, and only one very special child has been born since.

Trained in the “old ways,” Ashanti’s mother has attempted to protect her by hiding her away since birth, keeping her very existence unknown, but the young sorceress has a secret of her own: she sneaks out of their cottage in the wee hours every morning.

When Laios, youngest son of the fire god, Dagon, catches sight of Ashanti during one of her forbidden excursions, he ignores the age old fear of a union between sorcerers and gods, and events are set in motion that will change the course of evolution forever.



“Tease To Please”

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Dark Sentinels


“Dark Sentinels Book Three: Parrish” coming soon (work in progress, including cover)

“Dark Sentinels Book Three: Parrish”

In dire need of a respite, Dana takes leave from the stage and flees to a remote area to commission the designs of a famous, yet reclusive architect few have ever seen, but their meeting ignites events so powerful, neither of their lives will ever be the same.

Dana Rainwater is a classically trained pop and gospel star, composer, and musician suffering from a life-altering chronic illness and stress-induced fatigue. Constant travel, public appearances, demands from everyone around her, and lack of privacy have left her hollow, empty.

Wolf sentinel shifter Vadrian Parrish was born to a high calling, but his increasingly disturbing visions render him nearly inaccessible to others, unable to fulfill his purpose. Caverns of murdered wolves plague his sleep, their howls and cries ever present, constant reminders of his failure, until he hears her music… Dana Rainwater.

“Dark Sentinels Prequel”

Sometimes a girl has to go the extra mile to capture the man she loves, especially when she’s a sentinel wolf shifter from Washington state with no possible mates for miles.

Orphaned in childhood, Dr. Syreena Adler learned at an early age to depend on her twin brother, Sable, and herself, but phone conversations with a Georgia sentinel she’s never seen spark unexpected desire.

Southern red wolf sentinel Cord Velasquez has spent his life atoning for the death of his entire family. He wants a life with Syreena, but when she surprises him with an impromptu visit, the realization of his greatest fear seems inevitable.

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Born to protect. Ruled by passion

“Dark Sentinels – Book One: Sable” 

Sable, a sentinel wolf shifter, is captured and locked in his wolf form until Akila, a veterinarian, tries to tame him and unleashes a 6’5″ baby blue-eyed surprise.

Dr. Akila Marshall is a veterinarian with a calling – save as many stray animals as possible. The only child of wealthy, yet distant parents, she’s convinced that love is not for her. Until…

Sable’s search for his twin sister leads him to Akila. Born into a rare species of wolf shifters whose main purpose is protecting others, he has always been forced to fend for himself, but Akila’s loving, protective nature draws him – and not a moment too soon. Together, they must learn to trust each other enough to overcome a new, deadly enemy.

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“Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin”

 When greedy land developers set their sights on Dark Sentinel land, Torin turns to attorney Stephanie Bates for help, but she’ll need his protection to stay alive long enough to save his land.

Real estate lawyer, Stephanie Bates, has risen to the top of her field through meticulous sacrifice and goal setting. She has no time for distractions – and that includes pets, messy relationships, and loose ends.

Torin DuMont is a forensic scientist who chose the profession to avoid dealing with people as much as possible. Raised by a stepfather who hated him, he’s been forced to live a life of solitude, fueled by anger and distrust. When wolves and shifters start turning up dead, Torin must battle an enemy bent on destroying those he was born to protect. His greatest challenge, however, is Attorney Bates and the surprising effect she has on his heart.

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Kushiel’s Keep Series

Taking Palima cover new

“Taking Palima: Kushiel’s Keep Series” (Work in Progress, including cover)

“Taking Palima” Blurb

It all comes down to freedom. He needs freedom from imprisonment, and she needs freedom from tyranny.

Palima’s father is the Moorish ruler of a small rural town long surpassed by the twenty-first century. Her life has been spent in a palace with all the trappings of a princess, yet the one thing she desires has been denied – the opportunity to pursue her dreams despite being born female. According to the world she was raised in, a woman’s life means nothing.

Davik is an angel captured while on a probationary mission to regain his wings. A friend of Kushiel, punishing angel and keeper of a special section of hell, Davik is well aware of his fate if he fails – his own special place under Kushiel’s iron fist. Problem is, his mission has not been made clear to him. When his path collides with that of Palima, they embark on a journey filled with danger on every side, and Palima’s father has vowed to uphold his outdated law at all costs, including her life.

Orlosian Warriors

“Destiny’s Favor” – Orlosian Warriors Series Bk.2

Other Books

“Dai’s Dark Valentine” 

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“Dai’s Dark Valentine”

She has enough love to warm his cynical heart, he has enough dark power to destroy everything and everyone in reach. To save her, he might just have to use it.

What happens when a sheltered shifter and a dark fey come together?

Three-hundred years is a long time, but left to its own devices, what began as the vendetta of one man can grow to encompass even more formidable hatred.

Daitre Salons is a beautiful but naïve heiress whose true heritage has been kept secret even from her. Now, her abilities are emerging and her father’s enemies want her dead, but what bothers her most is that her new husband “in name only” insists on treating her like a child.

Joban Beaucoup, professional guard to the Salons family, and dark fey, has chosen to leave the quaint yet suffocating French town of his orphan-birth and venture to the Americas, but he needs one thing he cannot concoct, despite his magical abilities – a wife.

When Joban agrees to marry Daitre and take her to the Americas with him, he carries her three-thousand miles away, then whisks her three-hundred years into the future to assure her safety, but while Daitre struggles to adjust to this strange new world, manage her newfound powers, and make peace with her feelings for Joban, Joban learns that even here, their enemies have followed them, now more deadly than ever.

“Dai’s Dark Valentine” Trailer


“Here, Kitty Kitty” is a 6-author paranormal romance cat-shifter anthology with stories by A. Star, Jessica Nicholls, Dariel Raye, Mia Darien, Abigail Owen, and B.R. Kingsolver. All proceeds go to the Exotic Feline Rescue Center (EFRC) in Indiana.

“Divine Passage” Blurb (story 3 in the anthology, beginning of a longer novella of the same title – Work in progress)

“Divine Passage” Blurb

In the vestiges of a war-torn and nearly destroyed earth, Kimani is a breeder. Her blood has the power to heal and preserve a dying race ravaged by a mysterious virus – humans.

Ahkil is a black panther shifter known as the best guardian who has ever lived, but his history with humans has left him wary to say the least, and he harbors a secret that could mean problems for Kimani.

Together, they embark on a dangerous journey and form an uneasy alliance that blossoms into much more. Can their affection overcome their differences?

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