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One accidental touch changes their lives forever.

The brush of her fingers, one accidental touch, and he’s caught up in a world with which she is all too familiar.
Dana Rainwater is dying. Her life becomes even more complicated when she witnesses a murder. Making matters worse, the murderer believes that she can identify him.

Taking leave from the pop-gospel stage to live out her final months in peace, she visits a remote area to commission the designs of a famous, yet reclusive architect few have ever seen.
Wolf sentinel shifter Vadrian Parrish is a renowned architect whose nature-inclusive designs have earned the title of “Healing Plans.” Born to a high calling, his disturbing premonitions render him nearly inaccessible to others, but Dana’s touch draws him into another nightmare, one he’s not sure he wants to escape.

From the moment Dana and Parrish make eye contact, their connection is undeniable. Dana is compelled to be with him. If only she had met him sooner. Can their destiny overcome the dangers threatening to annihilate them?

*While introducing a new hero and heroine, this long-awaited sequel includes the continuation of the Dark Sentinels Prequel (Syreena and Cord), Book One (Akila and Sable), and Book Two (Steph and Torin). Contains explicit love scenes, profanity, and violence.


No matter how drawn to him she felt, her concern for what he thought and how he felt gave her pause. I care more about this man’s opinions and reactions than I do about my own mother’s. Get a grip. She had cared about other men without allowing their words and opinions to sway her, but from the moment she saw Parrish it was as if he reached inside her, making contact with some primal need to please she’d never known she had.

By the time she finished her courage building monologue, she stood a few yards from Vadrian, who immediately looked up and greeted her with a frown. Rude much?

“Why do you always frown when you see me? you were looking fine till I got closer and it’s like your whole face just dropped. “I’m a nice person. people like me.”

“I’m sure they do.”

“That didn’t sound right.”

“I agreed with you. What can I do for you, MS. Rainwater?”

“You don’t sincerely want to know what you can do for me right now. What is it about me that you don’t like?”

“I don’t like you coming around here before I’m finished because it’s a building Zone. Building Zones are not safe for bystanders.”

“So you said, but if you think I’m going to wait until you’re finished with the house of my dreams before you see me again, you’re going to be highly disappointed. I’ll leave you in your funk for today, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She started walking away then turned back to say, “and be in a better mood.”

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