“Death’s Shadow” is a cross-over psychological suspense/mystery with romantic elements, and it’s available now! The supporting character, Priestess Erzulie adds a colorful paranormal element to the story.

Born to a family of Vodouin priestesses, Erzulie hails from Haiti. She takes a special interest in our heroine, Brianna Denton, and plays an integral role in helping her find the right path. Erzulie appears to be in her early thirties, but she speaks with the wisdom and experience of a much older soul because actually, she has lived for centuries, using her supernatural gifts to help others.

Blessed with the gift of ‘second sight,’ she notices Brianna early in the story and they develop a friendship. She knows intimate details about Brianna’s life long before our young heroine understands, and their friendship serves to shine light on the underpinnings of Brianna’s conflict.

Priestess Erzulie

Be sure to check out my Musings post about “Death’s Shadow” and grab your copy of this unique story. I’ll be back to tell you more backstory about Priestess Erzulie as well as other characters from the story.

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