Okay…wait for it…Happy New Year!! So I’m a half-a-day or so early, but that’s so unlike me I just couldn’t wait. I’m usually days, even weeks behind when it comes to my writing goals. So this is the site I wanted to at least get rolling by the beginning of 2015. Still got a lot of work to do, but at least it’s up and running, and right now I’m thrilled 🙂

I shared some of my writing goals on my Blogger site, but since I just finished another upcoming release cover, couldn’t wait to share it with you…

Taking Palima cover

This is the cover for “Taking Palima.” It’s book two in my “Kushiel’s Keep Series.” Oh, and you haven’t heard of the series because I just named it. The first book in the series is “Kaden’s Reprieve,” and the supporting character Kushiel prompted me to write more about him and his charges. Here’s the cover of “Kaden’s Reprieve” again to refresh your memory.

Kaden's Reprieve Cover

What can I say? Gotta love those male torsos 😉 Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!