Night ocean with moon and moonlight reflection on water. Solitude.

Coming March 24, 2015

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March 24, 3015 Release Date

Emily fell in love with the Mariner’s Maiden Cove,

an Island estate. Beneath the pristine beauty,

seduction hungered in the shadows created

by the flickering light…and dark past.

The truth is, Emily had discovered the shadows created by light and dark. Furthermore, she discovered she liked it there, too. A few short weeks ago, when her “uncle”, who was in truth her father’s long time law partner, died, her Father sent her to his Island estate, Mariner’s Maiden, 250 miles north of Chicago to rest and handle his business interests and personal estate. Emily fell in love with the property and when she discovered that her uncle had left it to her in his will, she became even more fascinated by its dark history…

The original owner, Colin Jorgenson, a sea faring Great Lakes Captain, fell in love with a young Irish beauty of flowing auburn-red hair and green eyes that he married while in his thirties around 1900. He brought his new bride to his Island home. For years, as he built onto his home for her, they waited for a child. Ten years after they wed, Amalya died in childbirth giving life to his son. Her death took everything from him he loved, including his desire for his long awaited son. He returned to the waters with his newborn and the nanny until his schooner was seen in harbor. But there was never a sight of him again and his home lay fallow for decades, waiting…

This is the story of what happens to Emily, who bore a striking resemblance to Amalya. Emily inherited the house, the inhabitants – past and present – and the ghost of the Sea Captain, Colin Jorgenson, who loves and returns to the stone and log home on the hidden cove for the woman he believes is his Amalya.

Emily, had been in control of her destiny until then, but no longer. In fact, she became a prisoner of the shadow’s seduction……

I love you.Emily

“The Para-Portage of Emily” Available March 24, 2015


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Available March 24, 2015


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