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Death & Damages


Death’s Shadow

  Dariel Raye  &  Muffy Wilson

 @Pendarielraye           @SexyMuffyWilson



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How far would you go to bring your twin’s killer to justice?

Walking on the edge with the underbelly of society in the shadows of the night could be hazardous to your health
…or worse—deadly.

No one notices when Brianna Denton goes missing every
weekend. With no immediate family or close friends left, being alone is
something with which she has become well-acquainted, but when her sister is murdered,
she finds herself on a lone mission to identify the killer.

According to the authorities, ‘no body, no case.’
Brianna’s quest to find her sister’s murderer despite the police department’s
refusal to help, draws her into a life of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution—the very elements that
led her twin to 
the shadows and rat holes of the underbelly of North Beach.

Drawn into the dark underground society to face Tatianna’s
killer, Brianna is about to come face-to-face with her own shocking destiny. As
she unearths long-buried secrets, the tight edge of reality comes to light,
challenging her tenuous grip on life as she knows it. Finding the answers she
seeks could lead her to an even darker place.

Everyone gets what they deserve. 
Everybody knows that. 
Hell, it didn’t matter anyway.
She was proof. What was a good Catholic college girl doing walking the streets
in the wee hours before dawn? She could hardly reconcile the two opposing
lifestyles herself.
Brianna was all alone on the barren, black, wet streets. Curiously, she was unafraid to
walk the night with the underbelly of society. The longer she followed this
path, the more accustomed she became to living in the darkness.
Tonight was likely identical to the night her sister was murdered. She was probably
troubled by the same things—haunted by the depths of her own depravity, or at
least her own actions, but she was doing what she had to do…for Tatianna. She
owed it to her. The click-clack of her heels on the sidewalk announced her
approach as she headed…where? Home? That was a laugh. It made her think of the
first time—her first time, maybe her sister’s first time—on the streets and in
the black flesh pits of San Francisco that served up watered down whiskey, easy
women and the finest drug connections money could buy, cheat or steal.
Shrouded in the black lies hidden by the night, she did whatever she needed to do to find
out what happened to her sister, even when it meant entertaining the sleaziest
the streets had to offer. The rain always had that effect, kept the good ones
home while the creeps washed out of every skank black hole. The things she’d
done in the name of finding Tatianna’s killer would have sent her careening
toward confession immediately after puking her guts out, but there was no time
for that.
The police didn’t know and had no more leads. What else could she do? She had to
find out. She had to help. At least, she had to try.
But, she got swept away in the trying, caught up in a life she no longer recognized
as her own.
Rain pelted the street even harder as she continued along the sidewalk. It was
getting harder to remember the differences between her sister’s face and her
own. The details of Tatianna’s face seemed to fade more and more as time
passed. Sometimes, she felt so lost, it was hard to remember why she was here.
It was getting harder and harder…and easier, too. There were nights she
couldn’t bear to think about who killed her sister and there were nights she could think of little else. She couldn’t believe the police actually laughed at her. Clearly, they had no intentions of doing anything. She was the only one
who cared.
 The line between purpose and obsession became obscure. The fact that
was here proved she’d already crossed it.
For tonight, she avoided eye contact, her way of saying she was closed for business
as she headed to her one-bedroom flat.
There was a wild thought afloat that nothing positive ever happens until you hit the
very bottom of the abyss. Nothing positive had even begun to happen in her
life. Guess she had further to fall, since she clearly had not hit rock bottom.
Until then, she entertained herself with the thought of finding her sister’s
killer and wiping those mocking grins off the police officers’ faces.
Brianna turned at the sound of a heavy, male voice across the street. Despite the rain,
his tone made his intentions clear. She didn’t have to see him up close. Fan-fuckin’-tastic. Another creep.
Apparently, she had one more interview to perform before the night ended. No
names, no “what do you do for a living”, no talk about wives, lovers, divorces
or kids. Those were her rules and if they wanted to fuck her, they did it on
her terms and that included answering her questions.
The rhythmic thudding of heavy boots coupled with splashing water snatched her away
from her thoughts to face the approaching customer. Sighing, she resigned
herself to one more. Clear, simple, no muss no fuss…and no lying or kissing.
She didn’t want to kiss the underbelly of society, and she didn’t abide lies
well. They could save the lies and facades for someone else – someone who cared
enough to keep things pleasant. She reached into her over-shoulder bag and
whipped out Tati’s picture, always hoping against hope. Maybe this one would
supply a lead.



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