Dark Sentinels Three Parrish cover

Thanks to everyone who took the poll and helped me choose the next “Dark Sentinels” hero. Had to wait longer than expected because options one and three were tied for quite a while. I’m working on three books simultaneously, and one of them is the long procrastinated awaited “Dark Sentinels Book Three: Parrish.”  Procrastinating is not something I do often, but when you read book three, you’ll understand.

As you can see above, option number one won, but just by a hair after 103 votes. He received one more vote than option number three (below). If you chose option three, not to worry. He will definitely be one of my heroes for another story. I can’t let him get away that easily 🙂 Who knows? Gorgeous enough to be an angel, he’s looking more and more like a Gideon to me from my upcoming series, “Orlosian Warriors.”  Gideon is the hero in book two, and they’re all descendants of Nephilim.