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These two heartwarming Christmas romances have two main things in common – secret admirers and a lovable furball with angelic connections. In book one, Cheryl Hightower is a smart, efficient CPA with a sought-after new job and a penchant for numbers. Her life is as organized as her financial reports until she develops a crush on her new boss, Jonathan Lassiter. As if having a crush on her new boss isn’t enough, Cheryl quickly learns why Jonathan’s nickname is the “Axeman.” He’s firing her co-workers left and right, and as the newest employee, she could be next. 

Glenda Shaw and Hunter Teegs are graduates of the same high school class in book two. Back then, Glenda always felt like an ugly duckling while Hunter was a teen heartthrob. When Hunter maneuvers her into helping with their tenth-year class reunion, they realize that they have more in common than they imagined, and Glenda learns that her secret crush is alive and well. 

You will enjoy getting to know these secret admirers and their furry friends as you catch up on this sweet, wholesome holiday romance series. Book three is in the works.


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