Single on Valentine’s Day? We’ve Got you Covered
15 Ideas For Singles
I’ll spare you the preamble, and we know there’s not a thing wrong with being single, but with approximately 40% of the world’s population over the age of 18 single, what’s with the delusional commercials painting everyone as half of a loving couple? it just ain’t so! These are just a few of my favorite ideas for singles on Valentine’s Day.
1. Host a pot-luck BYOB get-together – Invite a few friends over, just a few days notice is plenty. Have each one bring a favorite dish, drinks of their choice, and celebrate your friendship
2. Make it a movie night. I highly recommend “Game of Thrones,” horror flicks, comedy (Netflix has a nice selection of stand-up and movies to suit your taste), or another binge-worthy series
of choice with a couple of friends. You supply the popcorn, and everybody brings snacks and drinks to share.
3. Get those feet moving and burn some calories with line dancing. Most local recreation centers have classes. They call it exercise, I call it fun!
4. Tempt your selective palate and find some new favorites. Go wine tasting.
5. Treat yourself to a day at the spa.
6. Volunteer at your local “no-kill” animal shelter. Volunteers are always needed, even if it’s just for the day, and you’ll receive extra doses of love and affection to boot.
7. Spend a day and night at the casino. They’re not just for gamblers, you know. The dining is
excellent, the service is above par, and the rooms are luxurious.
8. Take a mini-trip out of town. It’s surprising what 50 or 60 miles can do to make you feel like you’ve
had a break from the usual.
9. Get a makeover. Merle Norman and Mary Kay cosmetics, just to name a couple, specialized in this for years, and a Mary Kay consultant will even come to you. There’s also Avon and department store brands. Make an appointment and discover a new look.
10. Visit a museum.  Now, if you’re the research and museum type like me, most of your friends, well…aren’t. It’s all good though. Carry a notepad and your phone to take pictures and make the most of your trip.
11. Spring for a cool workout outfit and take your dog for a day out. She or he will love you for it, and the outing will get those endorphins stewing.
12. Take a free class at EdX
13.  If you have a star-crush, collect all of his/her movies and spend the day with
your virtual love. 
14.  Play secret admirer with a few of your besties. Draw names and exchange gifts just like secret Santa.

15.  Fuel your inner strength at the shooting range. 


So, what are some of your ideas? Share them with the rest of us in comments. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂