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Daitre Salons Beaucoup, the heroine who captures Joban’s heart in “Dai’s Dark Valentine,” is a sheltered cat-shifter whose abilities have just begun to emerge. She loves babies and children, and her trusting, lovable, yet fiery nature win the heart of a powerful, otherwise aloof dark fey with the ability to bend time, as well as other gifts he’d rather not acknowledge.

Daitre’s sweetness nearly overshadows her mastery of subtle influence. Her strength shines through in her ability and willingness to stand up to him, combined with the overwhelming desire to please him. Might not be what every man thinks he wants, but it’s certainly what every man needs.  Just as I did for Joban, I’ve chosen 20 personality traits or characteristics for Daitre:

1. Adaptive

2. Appreciative

3. Charming

4. Affectionate

5. Diplomatic

6. Sensual

7. Empathetic

8. Honest

9. Humble

10. Intelligent

11. Kind

12. Loyal

13. Innocent

14. Observant

15. Playful

16. Protective

17. Wise

18. Supportive

19. Trusting

20. Spoiled (her only negative trait, but Joban doesn’t seem to mind)

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