The plush blanket giveaway started September 26th and ended today. Thank you to each of you who participated.

I ran the plush blanket hero print giveaway for #ShadeofEvil in my newsletter and on my website to include non-Facebook readers, and received such a great response that I ordered 3 blankets instead of 1 so more could win! For a recap, here’s the original post.

Winners of the “A Darker Shade of Evil” plush blankets have already been notified (in alphabetical order): Christina Burrus, Heather Cook, and Donna SwensonCongratulations, Ladies!

If you participated but didn’t win this time, be not dismayed. I’ll also be giving away a different print for the holiday season soon, and I love these blankets so much that I already ordered even more prints. In addition to the holiday print, one will be in celebration of “Dark Sentinels Book Three: Parrish” when it’s finally released next year 🙂